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How To Reignite The Spark In Your Relationship?

There are times when you feel like a  relationship ended prematurely. Something inside you screams that there was still fabric to cut from and that quite possibly your ex-partner thinks and feels the same. However, you don’t know how to step back and put the situation back together. Actually handling such situations is never easy.

At other times you simply admit that this person no longer wants to be with you, but you still love them. Also, you know that you have enough strength and enough will to rekindle that fire (or at least to try). After all,  every love story has its ups and downs. We do not always love our partners with the same intensity, but that does not mean that there are not enough ashes to try to fan the fire.

These situations tend to be confusing. In general, many feelings are mixed in them. There is interest in continuing, but also fear of rejection. There is a conviction that you want to resume that story, but you also doubt if it really is possible. It is also not easy to know or predict what your ex-partner thinks or feels. So, what to do? Here are some suggestions.

Don’t beg for love from your ex-partner


Regnite A Relationship

It is one of the most frequent mistakes and one of the least effective strategies to win your ex-partner back. You think if you tell him how much you miss him or reiterate that without him or her you are worthless, something will click his heart and he will decide to return with you. In fact, quite the opposite usually happens.

By begging for love you are only going to get respect to be lost. Who is going to value someone who is unable to stand up when left alone? How to feel love for someone who obviously does not love himself very much? It is as if you were looking for a job and your only argument for it is that you need it.

With this type of attitude, what is generally achieved is that the other begins to overload. Your ex-partner may start to feel guilty, or experience unnecessary pressure. If you can get him to feel compassion, he may come back to you under the weight of guilt, but at the same time, you will have lost him forever.

Give him a chance to miss you

If they ended it was not exactly because things were going well. When there is still love, after a breakup the normal reaction is to want to return. More than a reasonable decision, it is an almost instinctive drive. Do not get carried away by anxiety and rather give time to time.

Time will allow both you and your ex-partner to perceive life without the other. The obvious is that they miss each other, especially at the beginning. That you feel nostalgic is normal, but it is not a reason to run to look for that person who is no longer there. With the days, you will see that you can approach the situation in moderation.

If this does not happen, if instead of moderating you have more and more despair, it is time to rethink the situation. Is it really love that unites you to your ex-partner or is it rather a strong dependency? The inability to live without him or her is a sign that more than great love is at stake.

Strengthen yourself and take the initiative to start a dialogue

Now that you have it, take time for yourself. Remember everything you like to do without the need to be accompanied by a partner. Get back friends, develop skills and also enjoy being single. Introduce something new to your life, like a hobby, a habit, or something that has nothing to do with your immediate past.

If this proves impossible, it can also be an alarm signal. Indicates that you probably see your ex-partner as a cane that you don’t want to give up. Perhaps what you need is not to go back to him or her, but to admit that you are indebted to yourself. In these cases, it is usual that the other is only an instrument to hide unsolved conflicts that have nothing to do with her.

Take advantage of the distance to think calmly about the reasons that led them to end the relationship. Almost always the reasons that are not directly stated are the ones that really matter. Examine your mistakes and those of the other person. At first, you will see it confusing, but if you try a little, everything will begin to clear up.

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