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6 Easy Couples Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Relationship.

Have you ever heard the word “couple yoga or Couple Yoga Poses”?
Although yoga is well established among women for health and beauty, couple yoga is a new type of yoga that is gaining popularity.

It is said that the bond between the two will deepen further, so women who have important couples should try couple yoga

Table of contents

  • What is Couple Yoga?
  • Benefits of couple yoga
  • Recommended yoga preparation for couples ▶ First, let’s prepare the two people’s breathing
  • Recommended couple yoga ①▶ boat pose
  • Recommended couple yoga② ▶Twisting pose
  • Recommended couple yoga ③ ▶ Tree pose
  • Recommended couple yoga ④ ▶ Forward and backward bending poses
  • Recommended couple yoga ⑤ ▶ Hero pose
  • Recommended couple yoga ⑥ ▶ Heart pose

Yoga is usually done by one person, but couple yoga is a pair of yoga with a lover, friends and family.
It is also called “couple yoga” or “pair yoga”, and yoga in which two people perform an acrobatic pose is also called “acro-yoga”.

Couple yoga does more than just take acrobatic poses. 

It is said that doing couple yoga increases intimacy with the other person and improves human relationships.
The reason is not only proven by yoga together, but also by the medical aspect of hormones.

By touching your body with couple yoga, the pituitary gland secretes a hormone called oxytocin that reduces illness and stress and makes you feel happy.
Oxytocin, which is also called “happiness hormone”, acts to affect people and people around it, so it seems that the bond of love will be stronger in the relationships between friends, family, and men and women.

Since couple yoga is carried out while supporting and partnering with each other while skin-shipping, the “happiness hormone” oxytocin is secreted to deepen affection and build trust. (Reference: Popular version of Oxytocin: A substance of peace created by our body )

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Couple yoga also has physical benefits.

Especially, if you think that yoga pose is not comfortable at all or if you don’t feel like stretching, it is recommended to do yoga by yourself.
With the support of the other party, you can comfortably stretch even the hard-to-stretch parts of the body, and by supporting each other’s weight, you can expect an effect of improving muscle strength while having fun.

It’s easier to keep going longer with someone than doing it alone.
In the case of one person, there are times when I think “I think it’s okay”, but if two people say “Let’s do it”, it will be motivated.
Couple yoga supports and caresses the body, but you can also hold your heart together.

In addition to that, it is said that it is one of the attractions that the elasticity of the body increases when two people go together rather than pose alone.
By confirming each other’s poses and supporting each other, you can make correct and easy couple yoga poses.
Couple yoga is such a charming yoga that you will want to try it.

Recommended yoga preparation for couples ▶ First, let’s prepare the two people’s breathing

Couple Yoga Poses - Take deep breathe-min

Before doing couple yoga, first prepare your breath and let the two breathe together.

① When you sit back to back, cross your legs and stretch your back.
(2) When you hold your palm in front of your chest, close your eyes and repeat each natural breath.
③ When breathing calms down, stop your palms and place your hands on your lap or on the floor.
④ Next, I will shift to abdominal breathing, which is one of the yoga breathing methods, so I will inhale through my nose and exhale through my nose for a long time.
When you breathe in, the point is to make it look like you are inflating like a balloon.
⑤ If your body feels warm and warm, and you feel like it’s good, open your eyes slowly and stare into the distance.

The body temperature from your back is so comfortable that you can relax by itself.
Be aware of your breathing and wait quietly for the other person to finish.

①▶ boat pose

Couple Yoga Poses - Boat Pose-min

If you can breathe together, let’s start couple yoga.
The recommended couple yoga to start with is the “boat pose”.

① After sitting face to face, lift your legs and stick the soles of your feet together.
② When you stretch your arms, hold each other’s wrists.
③ Let’s repeat 5 breaths as it is.

The point is not to pull and maintain your wrists, but to work with strong support for your stomach.
A boat pose performed by one person can train the abdominal muscles, but two people can train not only the abdominal muscles but also the thigh muscles, and also have the effect of stretching the arms and shoulders.

② ▶Twisting pose

Couple Yoga Poses - Twist Pose-min

The recommended couple yoga to follow is the “torsion pose”.
The arms and waist are twisted, so you can expect a shape-up effect.
Also, since the back muscles are stretched, it is also effective in improving the stoop.

  1.  Back to back, sit cross-legged.
  2. Place the female right hand on the male left knee, the female left hand on your right knee, the male right hand on the female left knee, the male left hand on your right knee, and so on.
  3. Twist the upper body as it is on the other person’s lap.
  4. If you keep 5 breaths, return to the centre and repeat on the other side.

The point is to stretch your back and twist from your waist.
The twisting pose can also be done while standing.
When they are back to back, stand up according to your waist width, twist your body to the right and just put your hands together♪
This will give you a sense of security as you can see each other’s faces.

③ ▶ Tree pose

Couple Yoga Poses - Tree Pose (1)-min

The next couple yoga we recommend is the “tree pose”.

  1. By doing a tree pose, you can train your trunk and develop your balance.
  2. Stand on each other and spread your legs across your shoulders.
  3. Bend the outer legs together and attach the heel to the base of the inner thigh.
  4. Align your outer hands in front of your chest and extend your inner hands toward the ceiling.
  5. After repeating 5 breaths in that state, slowly return to ①

If you look backward or change the standing position, repeat on the other side.

The key is to support and balance each other like a big tree.
If it is difficult to attach the heel to the base of your inner thigh, you can use it around your knees.

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Recommended couple yoga ④ ▶ Forward and backward bending poses

Couple Yoga Poses - Forward and backward bending poses-min

The recommended yoga poses we will introduce next are the “forward bending and backward bending poses”.
You can fully stretch the part that can not be stretched by yourself, and since it has a high stretching effect, it is also recommended to take it in after breathing.

  1. Sit back to back with both legs extended.
  2. When you hold your hands on your head, the male will slowly bend forward.
  3. The woman bends back to give herself to it.
  4. Repeat 5 breaths in that state and slowly return.
  5. Now, let the woman slowly bend forward and the man bend backward.

My whole body grows and I feel good.
You can say that the word “carry on” is the perfect yoga pose.

Recommended couple yoga ⑤ ▶ Hero pose

Couple Yoga Poses - Hero poses-min

The recommended yoga pose that I would like to introduce next is the “hero pose”.
This also has a high stretch effect and can stretch the whole body.
In particular, it is an effective way of improving the back.

  1.  After standing back to back with a slight distance between them, lower your left foot greatly backwards.
  2. After bending your right knee, raise your arms and bend your body backwards.
  3. After grasping each other’s hands, repeat 5 breaths.
  4. After returning to the original position, lower your right foot and repeat in the same way.

If you bend it too much, it may hurt your lower back, so it is recommended that you do it within a reasonable range.

Recommended couple yoga ⑥ ▶ Heart pose

Couple Yoga Poses - Heart poses-min

The last couple yoga we recommend is the Heart Pose.
The two people work together to make a big heart, so it’s a pose that makes you want to take a picture of it ♪ It
‘s also a nice point that you can stretch the body side, which usually doesn’t grow much.

  1. When standing side by side, stick your inner legs together.
  2. Put your feet on the outside sideways a lot and turn your toes outward.
  3. Hold the hands as they are to make a heart.
  4. You keep breathing, look back or change your position and repeat on the other side.

By pulling each other, you can stretch your body more.

I introduced the recommended couple yoga that I would like to start with an important partner.
I’m happy that it will help you stay healthy while taking a skinship♪
It’s a lot of fun to move your body with someone, so please try to pose with him.


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