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21 Best Daily Routine For Healthy Life To Make You Happy

What you do every morning has a big impact on how you feel the rest of the day. A best daily routine for healthy life gives you motivation, relaxation and positive energy for the day right after you get up. Get 21 ingenious tips for inspiration in this article!

There is not the morning routine. Only you can know which habits feel best for you in the morning.


  1. 7 good reasons for a healthy morning routine
  2. 21 inspiring ideas for best daily routine for healthy life
  3. Conclusion: The best morning daily routine for healthy life  has a positive effect 

7 good reasons why you should have a healthy morning routine:

  1. You start your day with a good feeling and more energetic
  2. It is easier for you to get out of bed
  3. You simply live more consciously and ensure more anticipation for your day
  4. You only take time for yourself in the morning
  5. You increase your well-being
  6. You are spared stress and hectic in the early morning
  7. You are what you do every day. Routines ultimately determine how your life will go.

21 inspiring ideas for your healthy morning routine

Couldn’t you do anything with the saying “morning has gold in your mouth”? Have you ever cheekily countered “Gold in your mouth is unhealthy”? 😉

I hope this will change with the following ideas for your morning routine. I have arranged them chronologically for you: They range from shortly after getting up to leaving your house. Here we go!

1st Before you go to bed, prepare your clothes for the next day


Healthy Morning Routine - Wardrobe-min Reoslvemyissues.com

Perhaps you know that too: You are standing in front of a full wardrobe in the morning with nothing to wear.

Sometimes in the morning, there is an unnecessary amount of time for the right choice of clothes. In order to save you unnecessary stress in the morning, choose your clothes for the next day before going to bed. Because a stress-free morning routine starts in the evening.

2nd  Start your day offline

Your first look in the morning on your cell phone? You lose a lot of your time through Facebook and Co?

Before you plan your everyday life in the morning according to other people’s agendas, take some time for yourself. Consciously choose self-determination instead of external determination. As a result, you live much more consciously and perceive your emotional state better. A small habit that can lead to more mindfulness.

3rd Be aware of your body

In stress, it can be easy to pay little attention to the body. Not only your thoughts are tense under psychological stress, but also your entire body.

The latter is characterized, for example, by poor posture, which in the long term can often lead to back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain.

So take a deep breath and take care of your body. How does it feel Is it tense in some places? Then take another deep breath into this area and stretch the tense area.

4th Visualize your day


Healthy Morning Routine - Visualization Reoslvemyissues.com

Your thoughts create your reality.

It is incredible what you can achieve with the power of visualization. Successful personalities like Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Will Smith use them.

“Our thoughts, our feeling, our dreams, our ideas are physical in the universe. What if we dream something, if we picture something, it adds a physical thrust towards the realization that we can put into the universe. “– Will Smith (American actor, producer and rapper)

The visualization is a wonderful gift that we humans have received. We are much more likely to achieve our goals and do what we want to do.


Thanks to the “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” (self-fulfilling prophecy). This is a psychological term and means: If you believe in a prediction, it is very likely to happen.

A negative example of how visualization can create your reality

You are facing an important job interview. For days before that, you had been thinking to yourself: “I’m going to get very nervous and mess up. You won’t take me anyway ”.

And then it happens: In the conversation, you stutter to yourself and leave the interview with a very bad feeling. Because even during the conversation you didn’t believe that you could do it. What you have been thinking about yourself has actually happened. You probably know that from other situations.

Because your thoughts have incredible power over you. In interaction, they create your emotional world, which in turn influences your actions. And ultimately, deeds create your life.

But imagine that you believed in yourself and went in with positive thoughts. Imagine, before the interview, that you could have felt the feeling of success that would have arisen after the successful interview.

You can actively shape your life according to your wishes thanks to visualization as part of the best daily morning routine for healthy life. Try it right after you get up:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Now imagine in great detail how you would like to organize your day. What do you want, what happens today? How do you communicate with your fellow human beings? How do you feel?
  3. Go deeper into your imagination and already feel all the positive emotions that arise when imagining your perfect day.
  4. Open your eyes and create your day exactly as you imagined it.

5th Write down three things you are thankful for

“Not the lucky ones are thankful. It is grateful who are happy. ”

– Francis Bacon (English philosopher and statesman)

With gratitude, you bring more fullness into your life. Because you focus on the positive. What is already there and not what is missing. As a result, you automatically experience happiness and increase your well-being.

A study of the positive effects of gratitude

The fact that gratitude makes people happier was also demonstrated by the psychologists  Dr Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami and Dr. Robert A. Emmons from the University of California. For a study, they divided their subjects into three different groups: the first group wrote down for a week what they were grateful for. The second group, on the other hand, noted things that annoyed them every day. The last group wrote down events that had no positive or negative impact. After ten weeks, the first group felt significantly happier compared to the last two groups. They trained more and became ill less often.

6th Acknowledge yourself for yesterday’s success


Healthy Morning Routine - Acknowledge yourself-min Reoslvemyissues.com

What did you do particularly well yesterday?

Did you maybe drink more water than usual? Or did you tell someone how much you like the person?

Even if it is something small: acknowledge it wholeheartedly and write down your success. Because our inner critic is sometimes louder than we would like. Through the sense of achievement, you keep his voice small and let your successful moments speak louder.

7th Start your day with a positive affirmation

Start every morning with a positive affirmation.

Positive affirmations are self-affirmative sentences. For this, you choose a guiding principle according to which you want to follow the whole day. A sentence that will positively influence your daily routine and your way of thinking. For example:

  • I am filled with gratitude and show it to my fellow human beings.
  • I am confident and let my light shine today.
  • I love challenges and master them successfully.
  • I am free and choose self-determination. I can make my own decisions at any time.
  • I am a gift to the world and leave a trace of joy in the universe.

Thanks to positive affirmations, you can positively influence your thoughts and focus on what you want to create. You automatically live more consciously and handle your thoughts and actions more carefully.

8th Stretch and stretch yourself right after getting up

Why do you feel such a great urge to stretch properly in the morning?

You move a lot less in your sleep than during your waking hours. Your muscles, ligaments are in sleep mode. By stretching and stretching your limbs you wake them up and promote your blood circulation.

workout for flat stomach

With this yoga morning routine, you start your day with a better (body) feeling and provide more flexibility. In addition, you stimulate your circulation and ensure you wake up faster. You can also relieve tension with morning stretching exercises. Your back will be happy too!

9th Flood your room with light


Healthy Morning Routine - curtains-Resolvemyissues.com

Daylight wakes up and promotes the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. In addition, the sleep hormone melatonin, which is produced in the dark, is broken down by light. Open all blinds immediately after getting up and ventilate your room completely.

For the darker season, a light alarm clock is recommended, which gently and naturally brings you out of sleep. This emits an increasingly brighter light around 20 to 60 minutes before the alarm time. As a result, you wake up much more relaxed and start your day more relaxed.

10th Drink a warm glass of lemon water

According to Ayurvedic medicine, which has existed for over 5000 years, warm lemon water strengthens your health sustainably immediately after you get up. Immediately after getting up, your body is still in the detoxification phase, since your metabolism has not yet started up completely.

Luke Water- Healthy Morning Routine -min-Resolvemyissues.com

The rule here is: less is more.

A glass of warm lemon water in the morning is enough to achieve positive effects. Still, water with half a squeezed lemon is recommended so as not to irritate your stomach.

8 health benefits of warm lemon water after getting up: 

  1. Strengthen your immune system with vitamin C.
  2. Boosting your digestion, which also helps you lose weight and prepares your body for breakfast
  3. Detoxification of your body. Lemon water, in particular, stimulates the enzyme formation in your liver, which means that toxins can be better removed.
  4. Deacidify your body and maintain a healthy pH. Despite its acidity, the lemon is surprisingly one of the most basic foods. Deacidification prevents inflammation, which can be caused more quickly by over-acidification of the body.
  5. Better brain performance due to the high magnesium and potassium content
  6. Beautiful skin due to the high proportion of antioxidants that fight free radicals
  7. Relief of joint and muscle pain
  8. Reduction of mucus formation and prevention of colds

In addition, you should drink liquid after getting up anyway. Because you can’t drink water while you sleep, which can make your body easily dehydrated.

11th Look at your goals and vision every morning

Why do you get up in the morning? What is your motivation, your vision, your purpose in life?

Whether top scorer at the World Cup, pizza maker of the year or the dream of a farm:

Visualize your goals. Hang them up visibly and read them every morning. In this way, you internalize them and do not lose sight of your great vision. You will also be more likely to take steps daily that will bring you closer to your goal.

My tip: Subdivide your goals into short-term and long-term goals (for example, a month, three years, ten years). Check them up to date every month. Are you specifically looking for tips to achieve your professional goals? Then take a look at my article “Achieving goals in your job – 17 strategies for success with which you climb the career ladder”.

12th Meditate every morning

Couple Yoga Poses - Take deep breathe-min

Many scientific studies show that regular meditation can be shown to change brain areas that are responsible for memory processes, self-awareness and stress management. It can also reduce depressive symptoms

It is entirely up to you whether you meditate for 5, 10 or 15 minutes or want to meditate for longer. There are great apps for beginners, such as the 7Mind app or Headspace.

I have a nice guided meditation for you here, which you can try out tomorrow.

“Meditation is not about trying to get anywhere. It’s about allowing ourselves to be exactly where we are and being exactly what we are and the same way allowing the world to be exactly what it is right now. ”– Jon Kabat-Zinn (former professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts)

13th Listen to your favourite song right after you get up

Do you know that when your favourite song is suddenly played in a bar? When you feel happiness all over your body and your everyday worries seem to be forgotten?

Canadian researchers have long proven that listening to music you like leads to the release of the happiness hormone dopamine. [8th] No wonder that 23% of Germans listen to music first thing in the morning.

A good mood is inevitable. Especially if you also swing your hips and dance across the room! 😉

14th Write down the most important daily tasks and set a reward for reaching your goals

Make a to-do list with the most important tasks every day and sort them by priority. The best thing to do is start with the most important task right away, according to Brian Tracy’s principle “Eat the frog first!” As a result, you have already mastered the biggest challenge at the beginning of the day and can now tackle the remaining tasks without stress.

Make a note of at least one task on your to-do list every day that brings you closer to your long-term goals. Even if it’s just a small task. This way you can be sure that you will not lose sight of your long-term goal despite everyday duties.

In our article “Time management methods – 3 effective tips that you can use to master your everyday life with ease” you will also find further lifehacks for working on your daily tasks.

Another little self-motivation tip: Set yourself a reward for your evening. Be it a delicious meal or a hot bath – this gives you something to look forward to.

15th Take an alternate shower

A morning alternating shower not only helps you stimulate your circulation and wake you up quickly. You also strengthen your immune system and your vessels, which means that you no longer freeze as quickly. In addition, the alternating shower is also a popular remedy for cellulite among women because it tightens the skin.

And this is how the removable shower works :

  1. Start with warm water. Always guide the water jet from bottom to top and from outside to inside.
  2. That means: You start with your feet and slowly work your way up.
  3. Before you shower off the middle of your body with the warm water, you start with your arms. This gives your body enough time to get used to the temperature.
  4. You then repeat the same process with cold water. Do not forget to pay attention to your body feeling and rather start with small temperature gradations.

16th Give yourself plenty of time for a healthy, vital breakfast

Those who skip breakfast in the morning often have to cope with cravings at lunchtime. The result: the notorious midday low sets in and performance sinks into the basement. Breakfast also provides you with important energy and strength for the day.

A study on breakfast behaviour in Germany

According to the study “Germany, your breakfasters” by the Score Media Group, 73% of Germans have breakfast. For them, breakfast is an important time to rest before the day begins. Most in this country have breakfast between seven and nine in the morning. 61% of those surveyed pay attention to a healthy breakfast with less sugar in products.

What is part of a healthy breakfast?

  • Oatmeal soaked overnight, which you can spice up with fruit. These provide important fiber and complex carbohydrates, which ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety
  • Smoothies with quinoa berries or porridge. Because berries are full of antioxidants and have hardly any calories
  • High-fiber muesli with little sugar. In addition, fruit and low-fat milk or yoghurt
  • Whole grain bread (without white flour) with cottage cheese or lean ham, only thinly topped with butter or margarine
  • Nuts or oilseeds: sunflower or pumpkin seeds, linseed or walnuts
  • Eggs keep blood sugar stable and are an important source of choline, which is important for your liver and brain. They ensure that you use fewer carbohydrates at the next meal
  • Chia seeds are high in fiber and antioxidants. They prevent inflammation

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17th Allow time to read or watch an inspiring video

When was the last time you read a book?

It can be incredibly relaxing to get lost in a story. Switch off a moment from everyday life and simply take your time. Especially in the morning before work.

But relaxation is not the only reason to look into a book more often. Reading can also make us more empathetic, train our brains and broaden our worldview. It also encourages creativity, according to current sciences.[15]

18th Encourage yourself in front of the mirror with nice words

Are you really aware of what you think about yourself all day long? Are your thoughts about you more positive or negative? Do you treat yourself as lovingly as you do other people?

Not only your fellow human beings deserve nice words. You should also not neglect yourself in everyday life. So make it your morning routine to give yourself a few honest compliments in front of the mirror. We rarely do that.

What do you particularly like about yourself? What can you be proud of?

It is also incredibly powerful to look deep into your eyes in front of the mirror and say:

I love you. From the bottom of my heart.

Maybe it may feel strange at first. However, this strengthens your self-esteem and you will learn more and more with this morning routine to accept yourself. Self-love is the first step to be able to show love to other people and to develop your authentic self. An incredibly nice feeling.

19th Take a short walk in the fresh air in the morning

Perhaps you have often decided to go for a run after work and not make it “due to time constraints”. We like to procrastinate when it comes to our health. After work, many prefer the horizontal to run.

You should run about 10,000 steps a day to promote your health. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week or 75 minutes of intensive exercise to at least maintaining health.[6]

A wonderful solution: take a walk in the morning. As a result, you get your circulation going in the morning and feel more energetic. In addition, you had a small sense of achievement in the morning and thus ensure a positive minimum. Your health will enjoy – both physically and psychologically!

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

– Henry David Thoreau (American philosopher)

20th Make an order in your room before you leave the house

What could be nicer than walking into your own four walls after a long day?

Not, however, if you first have to tidy up and can’t find your seven things. So make sure you keep things tidy before leaving the house. Whoever creates order externally also creates order in the spirit.

21th Leave a nice message for your life partner

When was the last time you told an important person how much they mean to you?

Sometimes small messages can make a big difference. Because knowing that a person has thought of you is incredibly beautiful. If you want to make someone feel good too, leave a small message for this special person in the morning. You will surely sweeten her day. Knowing that you’ve given someone a little bit of luck will also lighten your mood at the same time. 🙂

Conclusion: The best morning daily routine for healthy life has a positive effect 

Your life is the total of all days. And your habits determine how your days go. If you start your day full of energy and joie de vivre in the morning, a lot will change in your life.


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