food cravings in pregnancy:

Why Women have food cravings in pregnancy- Tips to Avoid

During the 1st, 2nd and 3rd months of pregnancy (and sometimes until delivery !), the pregnant woman feels a tireless desire to eat, more and more, day and night! The list of particular cravings can be surprising and quite consistent: pickles, strawberries, chocolate, mayonnaise, flageolets, sauerkrauts, hamburgers, candies… Anything’s possible when you’re pregnant! Yes, food tastes change over the months… Sudden and often very mysterious desires can also appear, leaving the future father perplexed and powerless in the face of the desires of his sweetheart: the whim of a pregnant woman who takes advantage of her “power” or real uncontrollable need?
Food cravings in pregnancy are undeniably characteristic of pregnancy. About 85 % of women report having at least one urge during pregnancy. It is impossible to list all these desires because they are varied and international. If the Americans fall for pickles accompanied by cheese, or spicy tomato sauce swallowed from the jar, the French would be damned to swallow strawberries with whipped cream or eat chocolate bars. A mother-to-be even reported eating pickles, which she can’t even stand to see now that her baby is born. Exotic dishes, lasagna, and chocolate lightning, of course, are other avowed desires.

Many of these cravings seem to come out of nowhere and are truly irresistible. “During the nine months of my pregnancy,” says a young mother on BabyCenter France, ” I had an inexhaustible desire for peaches. I couldn’t get enough of it, I’d eat it more than a kilo a day! »

First of all, it is necessary to know that these food cravings in pregnancy can be or become real obsessions when they are not satisfied! It is very difficult to understand the greediness and eagerness of pregnant women for a particular met and yet, the phenomenon of the desires of pregnancy is indeed real and common to almost all the women of the world for decades!

We’ve often heard from our grannies that the food cravings of the pregnant woman say a lot about the sex of the baby… Myth or reality? No one knows!

What do pregnant women want?

A survey published on the BabyCenter United States showed that ICE is way ahead of the list of pregnant women’s urges. Women were asked about what they dreamed of during their pregnancy.
Future moms have responded :
“something sweet” at 40 % ;
salted snacks, at 33% ;
spicy foods, at 17 % ;
citrus, green apples and other sour foods, 10%.

But by the way, what are the causes of these famous cravings during pregnancy?

Well, no scientific study has been able to demonstrate the exact reasons for this very real phenomenon… however, the possible origins could be: :

– The fault of the hormones: Hormonal upheaval causes many ailments during pregnancy. According to research, the increase in estrogens during pregnancy would lead to olfactory hypersensitivity itself responsible for the change in taste and the appearance of the pregnant woman’s food cravings. Scientists believe that, implicitly, estrogens are also responsible for the occurrence of nausea!

– Nausea and other digestive disorders: A pregnant woman needs to eat frequently to avoid nausea and acid reflux. Very often, the mother-to-be consumes (without necessarily being aware of it) foods that are not disgusting and that naturally accelerate digestion in order to dissipate nausea: various spices, vinegar-like foods like pickles, mustard…

The menus offered by fast-food restaurants have the peculiarity to digest very quickly: this also explains the frequent cravings of hamburgers in the middle of the night! Good luck to Daddy!

– Natural appetite: mothers-to-be have a gift for wanting to eat the nutrient-rich foods that their bodies need. Thus, if you suffer from anemia (iron deficiency), your cravings will naturally be directed towards the consumption of foods rich in iron, such as red meat. Magic, right?

– Too many emotions: pregnant women are particularly emotional because they have their senses in full boil! But not that… Sometimes women experience such strong emotions: anxiety, joy, anxiety, extreme tiredness related to their state of pregnancy, that they feel an intense need to” re-boot ” themselves physically and morally. To compensate, they consume foods rich in sugars such as chocolate, sweets, pastries, ice cream, and chantilly, which act as a great source of comfort! It also brings morale a good dose of good humor! Be careful not to abuse it!

– The desire to do good: because of the increase in hormone levels, pregnancy is often accompanied by small inconveniences! In order to compensate and to forget the frustration of certain forbidden things (cigarettes, alcohol), the pregnant woman feels the need to do good by eating whatever she wants.


– The whims of pregnant women: how sweet… The food cravings in pregnancy are very real indeed! Most women (who are not pregnant) pay attention to their line… Once pregnant, many future mothers decide to indulge themselves! They see pregnancy as a special time in their lives, which gives them the right to let go of all the food they’ve been deprived of for months! and sometimes women take advantage of it with their partners… “I want ice cream…”; “I’m pregnant, my body needs it” etc…et you’re right, it’s allowed… after all, it’s only 9 months in the year! But be reasonable, ladies Be careful not to put on too much weight: stretch marks are waiting for you!

What we recommend to you!

When you’re pregnant, have fun, it is recommended! But attention all the same! Be wise… It’s all about finding the right balance. It is important to monitor your weight gain in order to avoid the extra pounds that will be extremely difficult to lose after childbirth. Treat yourself reasonably and especially limit the damage!
food craving when pregnant
Remember: baby needs you to eat varied and balanced! Everything you eat, he “eats” it too…
Here are some tips to avoid cracking too often :
food craving pregnancy
– Adopt a healthy and balanced diet: your baby needs to thrive! Think of him (or her). Eat everything but in small amounts and make several small meals throughout the day.
– Allow yourself some small deviations (sweet or salty) but be reasonable not to make a habit! To resist food temptations, drink a large glass of water or chew on a big, beautiful apple! Oh, that’s good.

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