foods to eat to lose belly fat fast

Foods to eat to lose belly fat fast

How can you lose belly fat?

it’s time again – summer is here. It’s just stupid that we somehow missed the time to go to the gym to work off the extra pounds.

And as is the case with us women, the extra bacon always settles on our problem areas. The fat deposits on the stomach can be particularly stubborn.

But how do you get rid of the unnecessary lifebuoy for the swimming season quickly? The good news is that you don’t have to do high-performance sports for hours to see results.

Regardless of whether you want to declare war on unloved fat deposits in the middle of your body or the “dangerous” visceral fat: with zero diets and other short-term starvation diets you will not achieve your weight loss permanently. The right way to reduce belly fat is exercise combined with a change in diet. Those who are regularly physically active – i.e. do sports, but also exercise a lot in everyday life – and rely on a balanced, low-calorie diet will usually get rid of excess kilos in the middle of the body quickly. The nutritional composition of certain foods is particularly effective in getting rid of fat on the belly.

With a balanced diet and moderate exercise, you can lose weight and permanently reduce your belly fat. The nutritional composition of certain foods is particularly effective.

Just add them to your meal plan more often and watch your belly fat gradually melt away.

Fat Burner: These foods are good for belly fat

These foods stimulate fat burning and help the body get rid of fat deposits in the abdominal area faster.

1. Eggs

Eggs are perfect if you want to narrow the golden mean a bit. They are high in protein and help build muscle. The more muscles you build, the more fat you burn. In addition, eggs are low in calories and keep you full for a long time. As always, however, please make sure to use organic free-range eggs.

2. Almonds and walnuts

Almonds and walnuts are rich in proteins, fiber, vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids that support fat loss. Another plus: you keep the blood sugar level constant – ergo, there are no cravings. In addition, they should protect against heart diseases.

3. Green tea

Green tea has no calories but contains a lot of phytochemicals that promote fat burning. In addition, the bitter substances in green tea ensure that the body produces more heat, the metabolism works faster and body fat is reduced.

4. Spices

Hot spices such as chilli, cayenne pepper, black pepper or ginger increase the heat build-up in the body and thus ensure that the fat burning is increased and the calorie consumption increases. Cinnamon, cloves, caraway seeds and mustard also have a positive effect on the reduction of belly fat.

5. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has a high content of saturated fatty acids. They play a big role in testosterone production. A high testosterone level promotes fat burning and helps break down belly fat. One teaspoon a day is enough for optimal support.

6. Lemons

Among the citrus fruits, the lemon is number one in terms of vitamin C content, which in turn is essential for fat metabolism. Together with niacin and vitamin B 6, vitamin C controls the production of L-carnitine. This, in turn, promotes fat burning in the muscle. The lemon also detoxifies the liver.

7. Dairy products

Quark, skyr, yogurt and buttermilk have a positive influence on fat burning due to their high calcium content. They just let annoying belly fat melt. Best enjoyed as a dip with green vegetables.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

The mineral mix contained in the fruit vinegar and the acid stimulates the production of the body’s own amino acids in the intestine. These ensure that fat is metabolized better and does not even attach to the stomach. In addition, apple cider vinegar promotes intestinal flora and healthy digestion. For an apple cider vinegar cure that boosts fat burning, drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (best in naturally cloudy organic quality) for four weeks before each meal.

9. Green tea

Simply drink away belly fat – this can work not only with diluted apple cider vinegar but also with green tea. The drink contains no calories, but a lot of polyphenols. These phytochemicals promote fat burning. In addition, the bitter substances (catechins) in green tea ensure that the organism produces more heat, the metabolism works faster and body fat is reduced.

10. Cocoa

No, unfortunately, we are not talking about hot chocolate with cream. Unlike sweetened drinking chocolate, raw cocoa is full of antioxidants, supports the metabolic activity in the body and keeps you full for a long time. Raw cocoa also reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which slows down the metabolism and thus also the fat burning. As a healthy chocolate substitute or snack, simply snack on one or two teaspoons of small pieces of cocoa (cocoa nibs).

11. Coconut oil

The coconut oil is particularly rich in medium-chain fatty acids. They are not converted into new fat deposits, but directly into energy during the digestive process. The saturated fats in coconut oil not only boost fat burning, but also promote liver function and the elimination of toxins, among other things, and improve cholesterol levels. In addition, the exotic nutty aroma of the vegetable oil ensures variety in the kitchen – for example when you use it to bake or sear vegetables, meat or tofu.

12. Spices

So-called thermopane spices increase the build-up of heat in the body and thus boost calorie and fat burning. To get rid of fat on the belly, sharpeners such as chilli, cayenne pepper, black pepper or ginger are suitable. But also cinnamon, cumin (cumin), cloves, caraway and mustard are among the “slim spices” – one more reason to grab the spice rack more often when cooking.

13. Proteins

Protein-rich foods, such as eggs, dairy products or lean meats, contain amino acids that the body needs to build muscle – the higher the muscle percentage, the more calories the organism burns even when at rest. Of course, this does not mean that you automatically get a washboard belly if you eat eggs, low-fat curd or chicken breast fillet every day. If you pay attention to a protein-rich diet in addition to a regular training program with targeted muscle building exercises, you support the body in burning fat on the stomach. By the way: salmon is a particularly effective fat burner. In addition to protein, the high-fat fish also contains omega-3 fatty acids that the body needs for the formation of leptin. This hormone curbs appetite regulates metabolism – and thus also affects fat burning.

14. Don’t forget: Drink a lot

Not only the diet but also our drinking behaviour has an impact on how quickly the fat deposits on the stomach disappear: Those who drink enough still water, mineral water or unsweetened tea throughout the day ensure that the metabolism and thus fat burning work optimally can. For alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, sugary lemonades and other soft drinks, on the other hand, the rule is hands-off if you want to reduce belly fat.


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