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Female Weight Loss Diet Plan – Basic But Effective Plan

Many women are not really happy with their bodies and some would like to lose weight. Are you one of them? Then you are here. Our female weight loss diet plan helps you lose weight in a healthy, effective, and long term way.
We suggest you and tell you which foods are particularly recommended.

Good and bad foods to change your diet

You need to understand that for weight loss, you have to choose the right food, and it is for both males or females. Without choosing the right food, it is tough to lose weight.

So we created a list of what is good food for the body and what is spoiled/bad food which harms your body

Good food
  • Vegetables of all types
  • Fruits of all kinds
  • Legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, beans
  • Low Fat Dairy Products Milk, Yogurt, Yogurt Cheese, Cheese
  • Nuts and seeds such as walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Whole grain products like bread, rice, pasta, cereal flakes
  • Fish eg cod, saithe
  • Lean meat eg chicken breast fillet
  • Dried fruits like dates, figs, apricots
  • Spices and fresh herbs e.g. Salt, pepper, basil, parsley
  • Low-calorie water, juice spirit (1: 3) and unripe herbal tea

Spoiled food

  • Prepared food and heavily processed foods e.g. Pizza, Frozen Food, Ready Salad (Egg and Meat Salad)
  • High-fat dairy products like milk, cheese, sweet curd
  • Animal foods with high-fat foods such as cheese, salami, liver sausage
  • Fried dishes eg. French fries
  • Sweets such as chocolate, gummy beer, cookies
  • Whole grain products like bread, rice, pasta, cereal flakes
  • White flour baked goods like bread, rolls, pastries, pasta
  • Prepared sauces and dips such as ready-made salad dressings, ketchup, mayo
  • Nibbles Egg Chips, Peanuts Blink
  • All types of canned goods
  • Table sugar and highly sweet foods such as sweet muscles, cornflakes
  • High-calorie drinks e.g. Lemonade, cola, iced tea, fruit nectar, wine

Tip: Fiber! They replenish you for a long time, inhibit food, strengthen the immune system, and bind cholesterol and pollutants. They have higher mineral and vitamin levels and better blood sugar response than white flour products. High fiber foods include whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, vegetables, and legumes.

So if you’re a woman, over the age of 20 and if you’re overweight and who wants to reclaim her life inside the body you DESERVES 
…Pay close attention and keep reading.
Is guaranteed to be the first step in YOUR SUCCESS.

Calories – This is how much you can eat

Our nutrition plan is designed so that you can lose weight with pleasure without feeling hungry constantly. If you want to lose weight, then you basically have to reduce your calorie needs. Your total needs are met: basic metabolic rate and performance metabolic rate.

Your basal metabolic rate is the calories you eat without moving. This varies with individuals, like age, weight, height, sex, and muscle influence the basal metabolism.

Power turnover, however, is the amount of energy consumed by movement. These can be sports, an exercise in everyday life, and your work stress. With PAL factors (“physical activity level”), performance turnover is calculated individually.

For your orientation: The average value for total energy requirement for women is about 2100 kcal. To lose weight, you should reduce 500 kcal from your daily food consumption.

Tip: If you can’t manage this calorie intake, do it step by step. Decreasing only 200 kcal in the first week and gradually increasing it. Small steps are more effective! You should not starve!

You definitely need to eat enough calories to meet your basic needs. If you eat too little permanently, it actually does the opposite. Your metabolism is completely messed up and you gain weight in the long run. The so-called yo-yo effect.

Correct nutrient delivery to lose weight

Our diet consists of three main nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
Carbohydrates and fats are energy suppliers for basic and performance metabolism. Protein forms body cells and supports regeneration processes.
Everyone is talking about low carb and many people swear by it, but it is not for everyone. Many people find it difficult to do without carbohydrates permanently.

So we rely on complex carbohydrates (whole grains!) In our nutrition plan.
Unlike simple carbohydrates, they are long saturated and provide valuable energy to the body.
As the basis of your nutrition plan, we take a healthy, balanced blended diet that matches the delivery of mixed nutrients and gives your body everything you need to stay healthy and fit throughout the day. If you feel that you can cope better with more carbohydrate or protein-rich food, then you can adjust the meal plan accordingly.

Female weight loss diet plan for 7 days

Now you can start immediately. So we come to your weight loss diet plan for the next 7 days. It is easy to prepare all the dishes in a weekly schedule, even if you are not a professional cook. We also made sure that the food could be prepared well.

Long-term success is only possible when you change your diet. Therefore you should lose weight and eat deliciously.

Our free meal plan provides you with lots of food which are balanced, vitamin-rich, and varied.
So you can find many recommended foods in it: Vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meats, nuts, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.

To get a feel for this, you can see a sample day here. Calorie is ideally divided into three main meals and two snacks.

Tip: Add planning to your everyday life. Do you have more time to cook in the evening? Swap lunch and dinner and prepare meals for the next day in the evening.

Example: 1600 calories a day for weight loss in women

Enjoy food eat total calories
  • Berries and nuts with curd for breakfast:

150 gram s curd 1.5% (74 kcal), 125 g raspberries (43 kcal), 5 walnuts (143 kcal), 1 tbsp cereal flakes (70 kcal) 330 kcal, Snack 1 apple (85 kcal), 10 almonds (88 kcal) 173 kcal

  • Pollock fillet with vegetables and couscous baked in the oven with lunch:

1 zucchini (40 kcal), 1 tomato (18 kcal), chin red chili (19 kcal), 150 g pollen fillet (150 kcal), 50 g couscous (60 kcal)

1 apple juice spirit 200 ml (58 kcal) 345 kcal

  • Snack Green Smoothie:

1 handful baby spinach (15 kcal), 100 g frozen berries (40 kcal), 1 banana (135 kcal), water 190 kcal

  • Baked vegetables with colorful avocado dip for dinner:

1 zucchini (40 kcal), 2 carrots (78 kcal), 1 beet (42 kcal), 250 grams boiled potatoes (175 kcal), 1 teaspoon olive oil (54

kcal), 100 g avocado (138 Kcal), lemon juice, salt, pepper (18 kcal), (yellow chili (19 kcal), 150g cod (117 kcal), 50g

whole grain rice (175 kcal) 527 kcal)

Best tips and diet plan for a female weight loss

It is often many small steps that bring about a big change. That is why we have summarized the best tips and diet plan for a female to lose weight. They are simple changes with a big impact that you can quickly incorporate into your everyday life.

  1. Always weigh yourself at the same time. Bodyweight varies throughout the day.
  2. Every woman is different: choose the foods you really like. Losing weight, in the long run, is most successful when you enjoy doing it. So you can lose weight with pleasure.
  3. Two things are important for healthy and successful weight loss: dietary changes and regular exercise. By the way, a combination of strength and endurance brings the greatest weight loss success. Bicycling, swimming, and walking are ideal for beginners.
  4. Mindfulness! Take your time for your meal and don’t eat anything on the side or on the go.
  5.  Pay attention to the correct food preparation: Vegetables are the best. Add a hint of oil and a little water to a saucepan, then add vegetables and cook at a low temperature.
  6. Always consume pasta al dente (bite-proof), so they fill you up longer.
  7. Keep a nutritional record. So keep your calories in mind and eat more consciously. Write down everything you eat.
  8. Work with a personal goal! Did you have your desired weight a few years ago? Take a photo from this period and hang it on the fridge or your bathroom mirror. It also works with a bikini that you might want to wear on your next vacation.
  9. Do not shop for an empty stomach!
  10. Do not give up! Can’t you pinch a slice of cake? It does not matter. It is better to enjoy it and then continue as before. A guilty conscience only unnecessarily hurts and leads to despair.

Always remember:

  1. Drinking (especially water) helps you lose weight!
  2. Eat clean food: Buy lots of fresh and unprocessed foods.
  3. Always read the list of ingredients and pay attention to the hidden sugar, fat, salt and additives → There are apps that help you read and understand the content: check the code which is there, help app “e-number finder”.
  4. Leave something! Many of us are still shaped by childhood beliefs. “You have to eat your plate.” You don’t have to With such deep habits, you eat more quickly than you want.
  5.  Enjoy the variety of food, that means: try new ingredients more often.
  6. Prepare your meal and take it with you or always have a healthy breakfast. So you don’t get in the way and buy something unhealthy on the way.


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