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Front-end development

Front-end developers harness the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the interactive visual elements of a website that captivate users. This includes designing layouts, buttons, forms, and various other components of the user interface.

Back-end development:

Back-end developers are tasked with crafting the server-side logic of a website, which includes databases, APIs, and other server-side applications. These skilled individuals utilize various programming languages to accomplish their tasks.

Full-stack development:

Full-stack developers possess proficiency in both front-end and back-end development, allowing them to adeptly tackle all facets of web application creation. Their extensive knowledge and skill set empower them to deliver comprehensive solutions for web projects.

Static website development

Static website development involves the creation of websites composed of HTML and CSS files, which do not require server-side processing. Although static websites are generally less interactive and dynamic when compared to their dynamic counterparts, they offer simplicity and efficiency for certain types of online content.

Dynamic website development

Dynamic website development entails crafting websites that depend on server-side processing to generate content in a dynamic manner. This approach takes into account user input and various variables to produce content that can change and adapt based on real-time conditions or user interactions.

E-commerce website development

E-commerce website development involves the creation of websites that are purpose-built to support online sales. These websites are equipped with essential features like product catalogues, shopping carts, payment processing, and other functionalities tailored to enable seamless online shopping experiences for customers.




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